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Why do I need a Website?

You will have exposure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Online advertisement is cheaper and more comprehensive than conventional advertisement.

Much less overhead to make modifications such as changing dates, events, maps, pictures, logos, products, services, and contacts, as opposed to flyers, yellow pages, magazines, and newspaper ads.

Detailed information such as your mission statement, nature of your business, products, services, special offers, hours of service, map of your location, contact information, etc. will be available 24 hours a day.

Market your products or services with attractive graphics, photos, and a detailed description of your products and services to maximize sales beyond your local area of business.

Quick replies to their e-mails will save you time and postage.

Benefits of Websites.

If you are mailing out brochures, particularly where printing and shipping costs are noticeable, you can reduce the volume you have to physically send out by 90+% while increasing circulation 200+% simply by digitizing the current brochure, or having one created and posted to your web site for download and/or viewing. The site should also provide additional details about the product line that may not even be on the brochure as well as the fact that indeed, it can replace any print brochure all together if created correctly.

If you are having to make calls long distance, utilizing email and site scripting more will significantly reduce your phone bill, another advantage of using them is the fact that you have a written record for future reference.

Do you have a retail outlet? A retail location is stationary, it's relying upon random people that frequent a general area to notice its locations existence, or through paid advertisement, which as any business owner knows, can be quite expensive, and you are still taking a gamble upon if it will work. On the other hand, a web site, once it's completed, can be duplicated, copied, listed, and publicly viewed by such a significantly larger volume of people at once, no retail, or business anywhere could ever have a greater presence through any other means. "this gives the little guy the chance to compete with the big boys" and gives the "big boys" a way of getting noticed in a big way. You do have to pay a very minimal fee annually for your domain name registration and hosting, since once the web site is built, you do not need to continuously pay your webmaster just to keep it available for public viewing.

Do you do sales, especially cold calls? With a properly designed and marketed web site, your clients will seek you out, providing their contact information and specific questions. The ability to convey information through a visual interface, backed up with links to relevant data expands upon present sales techniques since you are able to convey your message, for digestion to your pending clients 24/7 without having to manually explain it to them. You no longer have to simply put in everything you have on a 2 dimensional plane, such as audio only, one way advertisements, brochures, etc.

Being able to provide something visual and interactive presents the image of a more tangible product and/or service as well as expedites sales to a much higher degree then simply using a manual process.

A Total Website for Just Rs 100/- per month

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